Pavel Kiselev

28.02.2017 – 26.03.2017

ММОМА, Moscow


Sofiya Kovaleva

Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) and Triumph Gallery welcome Pavel Kiselev’s  solo exhibition of audiovisual sculptures  called New Message. The exhibition takes place as a part of the program of the young artists’ supportby  MMOMA, as well as in the framework of the Triumph Gallery’s project Young Lion.


Pavel Kiselev creates multidimensional works at the edge of painting and sculpture. The artist collects images from the internet, videos, newspapers as well as sound pieces, that he further uses in his work.


In the series of works New Message, Pavel Kiselev refers to the subject of information recycling in conditions of its infinite generating both in virtual and in physical space. All of the data array visual, written and tactile — accumulates, stores and places in anytime access. The artist filtrers out and transforms this material, rethinking it in his every new piece of art. Each of these spatial compositions at the exhibition convey this idea by means of different artistic languages and the technical one.


For his work New Message: The Witness, Pavel Kiselev uses newspaper clippings from different countries, dedicated to one special event, and connecting them chaotically, he creates new meanings. No New Messages work is a visualization of accumulated information noise, pulling us inside it. "These times there is no good news and sometimes there is a feeling like the world is going to hell. There are no new messages because nothing new appears" — says the artist. "At the same time, awareness of the future gives us an opportunity to change it. My works are dedicated to the present, prevention and hope."

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