Alexey Taruts

24.01.2017 – 05.02.2017

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Marina Bobyleva

Triumph Gallery proudly presents Aleksei Taruts’ three part installation No Human Grace, which links together the series of new objects and video projects. No Human Grace addresses the issues, that surround the representation of the alien in mass media and up-to-date culture.


A depiction of a space mutant on the one hand is the essence of the rejected outsider’s form, which is not classifiable as a "human’s" one and on the other hand it is the luring embodiment of the post-human, that signifies the end of mankind’s logiс. The customary representation of the supernatural, non-human forms in terms of mass culture is what the artist largely accredits to developments in the field of technological representation: from the early experimental animations at the beginning of the 20th century to modern digital modeling. Among the works, which are presented at the exhibition, there are five copies of the reconstructed landscape by Albert Bierstadt, who is well known the romanticist painted. Furthermore, within each of which Taruts digitally incorporated an animated image of approaching the UFO. Constructing the dramaturgy of his exposition around the idea of permanent crisis, demonstrating the mentioned above as an effective control tool, Taruts presents a view on the catastrophe which offers a liberation through overcoming the human element within.