Group exhibition

26.04.2018 – 13.05.2018

Manege Central Exhibition Hall, St. Petersburg 



Marna Bobyleva

Polina Mogilina

kristina Romanova

Nail Farkhatdinov





Misha Most


Recycle Group

Kostya Zmogk

Anatoly Akue

Gyungsu An

Andrey Berger

Alexey Belyaev-Gintovt

Alexander Brodsky

Dmitry Bulnygin

Alexey Vasiliev

Dmitry Venkov

Alexandra Vertinskaya

Issy Wood

Alexander Vinogradov & Vladimir Dubossarsky

Dmitry Gretsky

Dmitry Gutov

Vladislav Efimov

Min Jung Yeon

Nikolay Koshelev

Maxim Ksut

Anton Kuznetsov

Si Lo

Alexander Morozov

Egor Plotnikov

Yun Kyung Jeong

Xooang Choi

Alexander Yakut

Keito Yamagush

#ATTRACTION exhibition projects are presented by Manege Central Exhibition Hall together with Russia’ leading cultural institutions. The project’s mission is to help the local audience learn more about works by Russian and international artists, as well as interdisciplinary curatorial exhibition projects outside St. Petersburg.


Triumph Gallery will present its key artists at the Other Shores exhibition in Manege. This project reviews opportunities to keep and pass on experience and knowledge through personal notes, maps and routes. The exhibition is based on the idea of a psychogeographic drifting or studying urban environment through one’s aesthetic and emotional experience (the term was introduced by Guy Debord). In their works, the artists conceptualize the changes in up-to-date world. The reality they recreate in installations, videos, paintings and sculpture becomes a true mosaic of observations, collective memory fragments and imaginations of a potential future.


Another important connection on the one hand is the river of Moscow and the river of St. Petersburg on the other hand. Unlike the latter one, Moscow’s positioning doesn’t seem to be that crucial riverwise. Besides, for St. Petersburg Moscow is indeed "the other shore", culturally, politically and socially.


Another allusion is an attempt to take a look at social reality we’re so used to from another shore. Most of the works present a take on the urban environment from an unorthodox level, as well as fantasies of its transformation.

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