30.10.2015 – 13.12.2015

ММОМА (Гоголевский 10), Moscow



Vladimir Potapov

Moscow Museum of Modern Art, School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops and the Triumph Gallery present Out of Range exhibition by the crocodilePOWER art group (Pyotr Goloshchapov, Oksana Simatova) as a part of the Young Lions project. The exhibition contains paintings and sculptures.


The artists continue to explore the modern reality and man’s place in it. They refer to the topic of the artificial environment, which can change and deform the basic idea of the man and his historical identity. The virtual reality provides an instant access to the information in the global sense, as well as it is a space of infinite self-presentation. The authors point out that the result of irreversible changes is the appearance of new digital mythology, which increasingly fills the consciousness of the modern man.


The central plot of the artworks is a forest, endowed with sacred and mystical meanings. It is not only an area, which is free of cell towers and fiber optic cables, but also a place of refuge and the similarity of purgatory of the modern man. The paintings narrate about strange signs and marks of unknown origin on trees, which the artists have accidentally discovered near their home.


"The crocodilePOWER art group invites us to emerge from the state of network consciousness, to become disconnected and to find ourselves in the forest of our own pristine, primordial chaos, to be face to face with your deep feelings, fears and loneliness. The artists invite us to lie down on the psychoanalyst’s couch. The only difference that there is not a word about healing here, as well as about the possible consequences and that this "journey" can be one way", says Vladimir Potapov, the exhibition curator.

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