Group exhibition

05.12.2019 – 19.01.2020

MMOMA (Ermolaevsky), Moscow


Yulia Aksenova


Clement Valla

Alexis Deestoop

Köken Ergun

Alexandra Navratil, Femke Herregraven

Liam Young and the SCI-Arc masters 18/19 Showreel

the Agency of Singular Investigations (Stanislav Shuripa, Anna Titova)

Dima Filippov

Stain (Alexandra Gavrilova & Sergey Titov)

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Triumph Gallery present a multipart project POLYCHRONICITY. PRACTICE OF STUDIES IN THE TEMPORAL MODES OF CONTEMPORANEITY with the participation of Russian and foreign artists and art theorists.. Over the course of one year the venue of the MMOMA Educational Center will host a series of exhibitions, lectures, discussions and film screenings, all involved in conceptualizing the present-day reality through different forms of experiencing and interpreting time as such.

The TOPOS OF TIME, being the first part of the project, is based on the assumption that linear perception of time is not accurate and thus the present should have multiple versions, seen as a complex combination of different temporal flows. The development of media technologies has given rise
to the effect of distorted time sequences, whereas instant communication, flexibility of working hours and the change of vital rhythms, as well as virtualisation of everyday life forward the distortion in the customary temporal perception. At the same time a new evolutionary stage is far from involving all the aspects of our life. So people keep on living in the world of economic and political inequality and severe social injustice.

The participants of the Topos of Time group show exploring the world of today through the relations of time and space dwell on different cultural landscapes. The projects on display address dramatic historical episodes, rethinking the course of history, and seek the ways to get over social trauma, to extend the horizon of our collective memory, to elaborate new forms of relations with the past and the future.

For the most part, the POLYCHRONICITY project focuses on discarded territories, forgotten past and reconsideration of its dramas. For instance, Alexis Deestoop in his Kairos film (2012) explores the infrastructure within the landscape of the Australian arid zone that has developed as the result of colonial expansion. Femke Herregraven’s video Terabytes Pushing Terrabites (2017) deals with land exploitation by corporate giants, while Alexandra Navratil’s Silbersee (2015) narrates the story of a lake in Eastern Germany that, due to the development of chemical industry, became the most polluted place in the country. In his Heroes film (2018), Köken Ergun illustrates the process of loci memoriae, memorial sites, turning into the battlefield of shadows of the Past and ideological phantoms of the Present. Dima Filippov’s project It’s Just a Footstep Away From Your Side (2019) revolves around post-soviet landscape, the collapse of prior social structures and the traces they have left.

At the same time, other works by the participating artists speculate on possible turns humankind might take in future and new forms of interacting with reality. Thus, art theorist and architect Liam Young, in collaboration with his SCI-Arc students, makes a project exploring the image of the city of Tomorrow, where the linear historical process disintegrates and multiplicates, thus bringing together archaic realities, the present and futurologiс hypotheses.

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