Igor Mukhin

12.09.2014 – 05.10.2014

Triumph Gallery, Moscow

In his new project, Punk-Fraction 1, the renowned photographer Igor Mukhin combines his own works from two periods. It has been almost twenty years since he captured images of the central figures of the Russian musical underground, figures who have now become legends – Tsoi, Grebenshchikov, Spider, Garkusha, NII Cosmetics, Mamonov and others. Now their place has been taken by "new punks" — PFRB, AWOTT, The Flying Guitars and others.


In 1985–1987, Igor Mukhin photographed the independent Soviet rock scene; in 2012–2014, it seems as if the history of "the independent artists", performing in small arenas, including apartment and squat concerts, repeats itself. Only time will tell whether this new generation will have the same influence on culture and the public's way of life that its predecessor did, but there is no denying that the the underground has regained its relevance and the interest in this movement has been reborn.


To document the life of the current modern scene, Igor Mukhin uses a digital camera that lacks the "charge and energy" intrinsic to black-and-white silver film. For this reason, the exhibition's exposition will be constructed in the form of a "game", in which the new photographs will be used as a background to presentthe photographs from the 1980s, all of them coming together to create a unified installation.

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