Alisa Yoffe

12.09.2014 – 05.10.2014

Triumph Gallery, Moscow

The new project by Alisa Yaffe, Punk-Fraction 2, is inspired by punk. The underlying concept of punk is simple and can be expressed by the term DIY – Do It Yourself. Punk requires no interpretation, and no syntactical analysis. Punk is not a trend or a style in the strict sense. It is, rather, a way of thinking, a means of direct expression in comparison with which any other form of self-expression appears to be an overly intellectualized, hypocritical conceit. For her works, Yoffe used the cheapest paper and the simplest acrylic paints. Following the stylistics of punk depictions, she disdains color and effects, combining man-like monsters with texts onlarge canvases and sheets of paper. Thanks to their size, these images can compete with graffiti, and in their way they create an opposition to wall paintings, especially now, according to the artist, when "graffiti is very much in demand among municipal authorities".