Alexander Brodsky

03.11.2017 – 26.11.2017

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Polina Mogilina

Triumph Gallery presents a new exhibition of an artist and architect Alexander Brodsky, Red Carpet, which will showcase new objects and installations, created specifically for this project by the artist. 


For many years now, Brodsky works at the interference of architecture and visual arts. 

Nameless clay cities hidden in large garbage cans or drowning in engine oil, a collection of childhood items fashioned from memory, vents from an old factory with scratched drawings, a board descent into the cellar connected to the metro icon, a rotunda folded from doors, a tank "raised" from under the ground with several pieces of fabric, lamps and fans — in his objects and installations, Brodsky often uses "simple" materials and found objects that create his unique aesthetics due to which, his works have a significant effect on the viewer. 


At the Red Carpet exhibition, Alexander Brodsky "collects" space with light and fabric. Lined up slippers suggest that their owner could not go far, that they would return. Using minimal means, the artist achieves a penetrating feeling of emptiness — as a meaning-generating substance and invitation for the viewer to undergo a new spatial experience.