Alexander Morozov

19.05.2017 – 04.06.2017

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Polina Mogilina

Triumph Gallery presents Alexander Morozov’s personal exhibitioncalled Simple Things. In his works, the artist talks about the daily routine,  discovering hidden meanings of the mundane objects. A series of works is created in a rare and laborious technique (egg tempera on wood boards with chalk gesso) that allows the artist reach that deep and realistic effect, which is supposed to, however, not to depict the world the way it is, but, reversely, to show its hidden side.


The wooden boards’ unusual form  stands for a unique logic of each masterpeace and  excludes the depicted object out of a common context, giving a viewer the chance to see the object or a fragment of it the way they actually are. However, the artist’s comments, being an imporised overview of the history of art, literature and philosophy of the West and the East, set the strict direction of thought, and thus guide a viewer in the universe, created by the artist.


Alexander Morozov notes: "The self-consciousness returns to us in a very startling way when we wake up, each at a different time. All the objects become full of meanings. Even a cup of morning tea is full of different meanings because all objects have hidden meanings and our eye doesn’t notice them.The eye rolls in the space like a skier glides over a slope, leaving a mark on the snow. And this eye’s rolling in the space  marks in our consciousness. A comet is tracing the sky. A crucifixion and ascension of a chair is an attempt to show the life of things as an object, that was humanized by the fact of its adjacency, its subjectivity. Many objects become similar to their owners, like dogs. The objects become friends and their destiny becomes people’s destiny".