Dmitry Gutov

24.12.2016 – 15.01.2017

Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Triumph Gallery presents Dmitry Gutov’s new project  that consists of his works made during the previous year. All the last Gutov’s projects can be characterized as a deep dive into zen atmosphere as well as the  Chinese and Japanese calligraphy art  that requires a lot of concentration and tranquillity. Having escaped from the society, detatched  in his workshop far from the city, with no sign of communication with the outside world, Gutov sanked for months into the reading of German medieval mystics and studied the ink art.  The artist admits that his findings of the inner peace by means of a radical withdrawal from the reality resulted a total failure.


Now he turned to the outside world. Ocourse,it does not mean that the artist got out of his forest shelter. But he internally decided to merge with the rhythm of time, to let it go , what gave him an idea of the exhibition’s title — The Stroke of Motion Activity Accompanied by Impaired Judgment and Amnesia.


What is more, Gutov thus defines the past quarter-century since the dissolution of the USSR. It seems that the thought  of returning to the Soviet past, coloring our days, fills the artist with a new energy. It seems to be anew, on a new turn, experiencing the atmosphere of those excited people from the late 1980s to 1991.  Only if  the result is known.