Group exhibition

06.09.2018 – 30.09.2018

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Sofya Simakova

Konstantinos Sklavenitis Victoria Kosheleva

Jessie Makinson
Aisha Christison

Emily Platzer
Sandra Lane
Yulia Iosilzon
Lindsey Mendick
Asger Harbou Gjerdevik

Urara Tsuchiya

Laurence Owen

Sally Hackett

Apollinaria Broche

Paloma Proudfoot

Anousha Payne

Kiki Karayiannis

Triumph gallery presents a group exhibition by graduates of British art universities (Royal College of Art, USL Slade, Goldsmiths, University of London, The Glasgow School of Art) featuring ceramics, drawing and painting. Even as digital art and technology are developing at an increasingly rapid pace, all members of this show share an interest in the tangible and a leaning towards material rather than conceptual approaches to creating art, towards the opposition of abstraction and representation, mixing different media and making environmental installations. They are inspired by the practices of, on one hand, Grayson Perry, the Fischli/Weiss duo and, on the other, Ron Kitaj, Neo Rauch and other accomplished contemporary artists.


In search for a personal language, the artists redraw the conventional genre and style map, push the envelope of contemporary art. This quest has led them away from linear narratives and towards fragmentation. The hierarchy of meanings is disrupted: Constituent parts are now more important than the whole. Quality of execution is second to the fullness of self-expression. Within this one project, the participants are freely hopping from graphics to painting, from painting to ceramics, from ceramics to installation and all the way back.


The outcome is a clever and complex interplay of meanings, sources and nods, where a contemplation of growing up by Apollinaria Broche, expressed in ceramics through near-devotional and clumsy leopard underwear and teddy bear, perfectly resonates with an installation by Kiki Karayiannis, referring to the archeological "youth" of a civilization, the remnants of which we uncover among weeds and earth. The personal is entangled with the private in the characters of Yulia Iosolzon or in the works by Konstantinos Sklavenitis heavily loaded with mythology stories. Biomorphic compositions by Lawrence Owen are mutually reinforced with sculptures by Anousha Payne.


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