Alexander Vinogradov

03.06.2016 – 26.06.2016

Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Triumph Gallery presents the first solo project by Alexander Vinogradov named Space-Time Continuum that will include 30 artworks, canvases and watercolors that had been created for the last year.


The main theme of the project can be defined as a change of perception of the reality, which Vinogradov has tried to capture while traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Sitting on the train and observing the view drifting away and elusive reflections in the window, we descend into meditative state of mind and begin to perceive space and time in a different manner. "I travelled a lot, was watching the road. When you're sitting still, the view from the window, reflections, and the light around you are constantly moving, layering on top of each other, at that moment you begin to see the surroundings very differently. It looks like a dive into another dimension," — says Vinogradov.


According to the artist, the exhibition can be divided into two parts, to be precise, into two space and time modules, inside which the reality changes. For Vinogradov, in this particular project, the constantly running road and so called Russian Forest became such modules. Russian forest is also a very unique environment, where time flows in a special way. "Over time, I began to notice that it turns into something phantasmagoric", — says the artist. It features human presence — randomly thrown objects, lovers, as well as well as the presence of wild nature — fallen trees and impassable areas. Russian forest is some sort of a metaphor for the entire Russia, where at different times of a day, you can come across with a man or a wild animals, and sometimes it even seems to be possible to meet a character from fairy tales.

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