Megasoma Mars

13.10.2016 – 06.11.2016

МОММА (Gogolevsky blvd 10), 


Moscow Museum of Modern Art in collaboration with Triumph Gallery presents the personal exhibition with the outstanding name St. Mauritius Hospital, which has been created by the young artist Megasoma Mars (1992). The exhibition will display works from the project of the same name, which Megasoma Mars was realizing for the last two years.


The artist draws inspiration from her childhood, which she spent in the country, while studying at the Faculty of Biology and her own entomological collection. She was influenced by the idea for the project from her childhood memories, where she about was trying to treat the broken toys. St. Mauritius Hospital is a strange, irrational place created by the imagination of Megasoma Mars, where the irrational patients can be cured and where they can spend their last days.


St. Mauritius Hospital — is the most sincere expression of the artist’s inner world, transforming personal painful memories into the characters. Starting her creative career from the graphical sketches in the Moleskine notebook, Megasoma Mars is now working in various techniques: from painting to digital animation and installation. Anatomy, medicine, surgery, medieval expressiveness are the cross-cutting elements of the artist’s work. In addition, the maniacal passion for the sight of blood and death Megasoma finds compassion, martyrdom, self-sacrifice can be observed from her works.


The exhibition will include the model of the Hospital, puppets of its nine inhabitants and the artifacts attendant to the story of the place: custom heart, droppers, more than 20 stained-glass windows that according to the legend were left from the destroyed chapel, and the drawings of the only mentally ill patient Hugh. Empty Prosthesis and Psychiatric wards, operating room, procedural and deserted medical beds reflect the feeling of memento mori. Patience, cut off from the habitual world are despondent and frustrated, they hope for recovery or death as a way to become free from the suffering. Imagery and plot used in the stained-glass windows of the destroyed chapel of the clinic have something in common with the Hugh’s drawings — a series of work Dark Ages, which tittle can mean both Medieval and literally Dark Ages — unfortunate period in someone’s life. The Dark Ages series is the Megasoma Mars’ first experience with acrylic painting. At the exhibition the animated films Vaguely invalid appearance and Monstrously infantile will be presented together with the animated sketches about the life of the clinic, created with the help of frame-by-frame animation.

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