Dmitry Bulnygin

27.09. 2017 – 24.10.2017

Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Triumph Gallery is proud to present a personal exhibition of Dmitry Bulnygin Surface in Tension. Dmitry is a member of the project Fathers and Sons, aiming to create a comprehensive overview of the two generations of the Russian video-art scene. Educated as an architect, we was one of the pioneers experimenting with the new media in Russian art.


At the exhibition Surface in Tension his works of recent years will be presented, based on the constituent elements of the architecture of the modern city and natural formations.


Dmitry Bulnygin converts video into a volume using the transformation of the matter and its flows. His approach, tied to architecture and urban environment, contains vivid memories, translated in his artworks into alternations of the plain and the crumpled, the rippling and the overflowing light. Receivers and surfaces of tensions, these objects, disturbed and manipulated by the artist, fascinate the viewer with their hybrid shapes that become shapeless.


Sometimes called "documentary sculptures", these objects suggest visions from memories and a fossil architecture. Deformations introduced by the artist mock the existing buildings. Infrastructure objects were once conceived to assist the man in his lifestyle. Their solid nature seemed to be capable of reassuring and serving as an illustration for a predictable future. The materialized critique contained in these pieces reveals their current state of decay and unsuitability. The persistence in using vertical forms suggests that as long as the structure holds, it will continue to exist, in tension. And at that moment these constructions start fading in a metaphorical sense. Soon after being erected, the buildings get "buried", becoming cumbersome. The easiest solution would be to burn them: "There is nothing to save here!"


Let us forget the architecture of the past, the architecture of our dreams is still present and it regenerates.