Vladislav Kruchinsky

25.09.2019 – 27.10.2019

Vadim Sidur Museum, Moscow


Marina Bobyleva

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Vadim Sidur Museum, with the support of the Triumph gallery, present Vladislav Kruchinsky’s solo project "Svobodny Koptevoland" (Free Koptevoland). The project delves into the origins of the territorial autonomy comprising several districts and squats in the north of Moscow. Known as the "Liberated Communities of the Svobodny Koptevoland", these territories unilaterally seceded from the Russian Federation early in 2012 to mysteriously sail up into the clouds and vanish into thin air about six months later.

Vladislav Kruchinsky will present a total installation exploring the infrastructure, political regime and sights of the Svobodny Koptevoland (SK). The most notable among them is the Bubbling Flesh, being a fluid, pastelike life form that inundated the streets of the SK during the whole period the autonomous territory existed. The FK had an administrative system of its own, with the form reminiscent of pure democracy. The most influential SK’s political organ at play is the Technikon of Koptevoland, being the hybrid of a research institute and a political party. The territories of Koptevoland use Moscow electricity and water resources, all the way declaring their autonomy from the ‘mainland’ state. The display is centred around a transmission tower, which has several interactive modules connected through illegal current transformers and used to steal municipal electricity.

Vladislav Kruchinsky’s project Svobodny Koptevoland dwells on the problems of self-organisation, local and autonomous communities and the way their relationship with the domineering governmental structures have been developing. The project tells a fantastic story of one single urban area that by means of a radical solution transformed itself into a sort of utopia.

The project of Vladislav Kruchinsky continues the series of the Sidur Museum’s projects focused on the interaction with the local communities, while analyzing the phenomenon of locality, including urban informal communities, in its anthropological dimension.

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