Group exhibition

28.06.2016 – 20.08.2016

Symbol art Park, Moscow


Yana Smurova

Elena Fadeeva





Recycle Group

Georgy Bragovskiy

Ivan Gorshkov

Pavel Kiselev

Ekaterina Kovalenko

Vera Barkalova

Kristina Romanova

Natasha Timofeeva

Sasha Frolova

Alina Chichikova

Parallel program of the 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art


Symbol exhibition raises the question of what the contemporary symbol is. It aims to distinguish the key symbols that hold distinctive meanings and are of particular importance. Symbol's location — the territory of the former Serp & Molot factory is remarkable in its own way. The factory setting creates a rich historical background for this kind of philosophical discussion. The resonance generated by the collision of two opposing systems activates the closed off memories and allows the viewer to have a fresh look at the forgotten archetypal images in a search for the meaning «here and now».


Apart from its ideological context, Symbol project represents an attempt to create the foundation for a public art park. Here art loses its elite status and becomes an everyday life element, the former post-industrial site converts into an experimental ground for large-scale projects. The exhibition will present 15 works created by modern Russian artists in the forms of sculpture, installation and art-object. The majority of the works are site-specific and incorporate the history of the place in its current context by using the industrial artifacts found there. The exhibition is accompanied by an educational program. During this program participating artists together with specialists in the fields of modern art and public art will share their personal experiences as well as knowledge of international practices of this kind. The discussion will take place on the territory of art-park Symbol.



DONSTROY, Triumph Gallery, Public Art Fund


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