Vera Konyashova

25.08.2014 – 21.09.2014

Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”, Moscow


Olga Lukyanova

Part of the Great Expectations project.


In terms of everyday perception, the world's model has changed little since the time of Einstein, despite subsequent scientific discoveries. We are still only capable of perceiving a certain number of dimensions of time and space with which we are familiar, and so concepts such as "multidimensionality" remain largely theoretical in nature. But that characteristic of space (of time, of the object, of the person), whereby it has more facets and additional layers of qualities that we do not know of, grips the human imagination and has been a continual theme of artistic study. Art is in a sense a testing ground equipped with the necessary resources and effective instruments that enable it to penetrate this zone and offer spectators new ways in which to know and to sense the surrounding world.


In her works, the artist Vera Konyashova strives to expose dimensions that are invisible in normal circumstances, creating and/or combining the multi-layered in various ways. The artist on principle rejects deconstruction and carries out the opposite — the act of construction. She doesn't try to break down what already exists into its components. On the contrary, through the filling out of real spaces, objects and relations, an almost tactile embodying investigation of their internal links and relationships. Stratifying and filling the space, the artist works with an elusive, fleeting rupture, a gap in objective (or subjective) reality. It continues a centuries-old history of the creation of illusion that can be traced back to antiquity. At the same time, Konyashova works the media themselves, treating them with a distinct projective-constructive approach, providing, through the multiplication of layers, new points of view on it.


The exhibition presents a complex interconnected structure that is born at the intersection of strategies and methods, with the aid of which the author dissects reality.

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