Kristof Meyer

10.04.2015 – 26.04.2015


Triumph Gallery, Moscow

German artist Kristof Meyer, born in Hamburg, 1982, graduated from the University of applied sciences and arts in Ottersberg. 


Kristof Meyer takes quite some time to finish a work and sometimes a few paintings at once. Artist loves to mix different materials: "wood or sandpaper is interesting to me not only for its characteristic surface but also for the individual feeling that each material carries."


The exhibition Theatre included works from two series — paintings that depict workers at the port and paintings of the past two years in which urban life is represented on rooftops. Space in them is built like the backstage of a surreal theatre — architectural elements the viewer sees show various levels of the city where animals and groups of people meet and coexist.  


Artist says that the contrast between the hideous and the beautiful is what differentiates a person's life in a simulated urban space. A person always faces dramatic events and has the right to ignore them. Meyer states that he loves to play with aesthetic contradictions; when drawing the hideous, it turns out to be beautiful because our existence is based on contradictions.