18.05.2018 – 07.10.2018

Musee d'art et d'histoire de Geneve


Lada Umstätter

The internationally recognized Russian art group AES+F is invited to the Museum of Art and History of Geneva to show its works for the first time in the largest Swiss Museum. Presenting two recent video projects (Inverso Mundus and Allegoria Sacra), Theatrum Mundi gives a delightful panorama seen through the eyes of Moscow artists, in which the history of art will face modern society.


The AES+F art team has been introducing each other, pushing together, intertwining the canons of classical Western art and modern aesthetic norms for 30 years now.Tatyana Arzamasova, Leo Evzovich, Eugene Svyatskiy and Vladimir Fridkes have already held a dozen multimedia projects. The artists seek to invent an ultra-stylized world filled with visual richness, contributing to total immersion.


"To borrow from the past to better tell the present" so could sound the  art band’s motto as it is able to turn The three graces into  flight attendants s or to tie St. Sebastian dressed in shorts of to the palm tree. They constantly refer to mythology, religion and European artistic tradition since the Renaissance. The videos presented by Theatrum Mundi cover a lot of very relevant topics: a violent impact of the virtual world of video games on children and adolescents (Last Riot), the diversity of cultures at the international airport and the seemingly stopped time traveling between the two worlds (Allegoria Sacra), the shift in the balance of power (Inverso Mundus).


Telling universe of AES+F consists of digital photos, which should be clearly considered and  involve many actors. This volume a repository of images allows artists to create videos, but also to be able to take the form of sculpture or digital image. The Russian team of Theatrum Mundi has been creating art for more than ten years now and is pleased toinviteviewers to a performance available to everyone.

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