TOY Crew

14.06.2019 – 07.07.2019

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Kristina Romanova

The new exhibition at Triumph gallery showcases "The Daily Grind" series by ТOY Crew, a duo of young artists from Nizhny Novgorod.


The group was originally called toy, which is graffiti slang for an inexperienced, beginner graffiti artist. Rebranded as ТОY — the Cyrillic transcription for the slang word — the artists continue to engage with urban spaces and incorporate the crew name into letter messaging e.g., круТОЙ (tough), досТОЙно (respectable), пусТОЙ (empty), etc. The young duo is very representative of the “Nizhny Novgorod street art school” that practices post-graffiti and ironic meanings. The deliberately careless, light, almost random style taps the street aesthetics and communicates the subculture lifestyle. Specially for this project, the artists are putting together an installation in the gallery space, combining household items in a composition informed by the literal illustration approach.


The core of the exhibition is the painting series "The Daily Grind". Straightforward titles, Monday, Remodeling, Shopping, May Holidays, are aligned with the established group style and thematic range, this time as an assortment of random situations, “situations everybody knows first hand.”


Although the artists often paint from photos, the stories at exhibition come from social media and Google images that were found by search queries related to “the daily grind.” The nature of the sources has also informed the form factor of the canvases that are square. Seva *** and Egor *** are self-admitted “chroniclers of small things in life,” and, according to scholars of Nizhny Novgorod street art Alisa Savitskaya and Artem Filatov, “the artists’ naive painting style serves as an ironic medium for post-internet art.”


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