Andrey Berger

26.01.2018 – 11.02.2018

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Polina Mogilina

Triumph Gallery proudly presents a solo exhibition by Andrey Berger — one of the most innovative Russian artists to come out of graffiti subculture. Berger, who is still active on street art scene, has participated in numerous group exhibitions and street art festivals. Some of his recent and most important projects include Urbanism: in My Consciousness (Moscow Museum, 2014), StreetARCH. From Monumental Propaganda to Street Art (Schusev’s State Museum of Architecture, 2014), Art Basel Miami’s official parallel program (Wynwood, Miami,US, 2014), UrbanArt Biennale (Volkingen, Germany, 2015), Stroke Art Fair (Munich, Germany, 2016), Metamorphs (MARS Centre for Contemporary Art, 2016).


Berger’s distinguishable style is characterized by a thorough attitude towards forms and architectural elements of his work while his graphics are well-recognized for its monochrome color schemes, multilayered structure and always an unerring improvisation. The Flow exhibition would showcase Berger’s artistic transition from mural surfaces to paper that later inspired artist’s conversion from flat canvas surfaces to three-dimensional practices. For this project, Berger has produced entirely new works that feature references to street art, usage of its cultural codes that are being rethought and evolve into other artistic practices.


For Andrey, creative progress turns into a constant flow of complex, multilayered personal experiences and memories. Berger expresses inner emotions through witty personal techniques and distinctive visual language. Apart from graphics and paintings, Andrey would produce a site-specific mural. His interior murals intervene with the space, often completely modifying exhibition’s hall. One of Berger’s key incentives is to experience and visualize the resemblance between one’s metaphysical size and the metaphysical size of an exhibiting space. Andrey believes that an artist is capable of destroying the two-dimensional edges of an artistic universe, determining new qualities of shape and volume, redefining the rules of gravity and to create multi-level portals in what appeared to be monolith, two-dimensional spheres.

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