Anatoly Akue

26.01.2018 – 11.02.2018

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Polina Mogilina

Akue is one of the most respected artists on Russian street art scene who has a long list of festivals, exhibitions, contests and projects dedicated to street art movement. Over the years, he had developed his very own well-recognized style. But, apart from distinctive visual components, his works also carry a complex philosophical message that reflects his personal and spiritual paths.

Since 2010, Akue has begun Buddhist practices that could not but heavily influence the artist and has prompted him to a deeper understanding of life and art. As of today, artworks themselves are not as important for him as the ideas and happenings behind them. In recent years Anatomy has primarily worked on fine art paintings. His distinctive attitude of a street artist is reflected in fine painting techniques and methods. Apart from figurative painting and graphics, he is also working in the field of abstractions. Artist has been living in Montenegro for some time in 2015 and 2016 where his very first exhibition of abstract paintings had been held at Dukley European Art Center.

The Guest series, produced specifically for an exhibition at Triumph Gallery, is an important milestone for Anatoly as a fine artist.  The series demonstrates the concept of a guest as of a symbol of new ideas, a newcomer in a personal thought system. These guests— ideas— are not always welcomed, they may be annoying, pleasing or spurring inner conversations but most often they simply come, shake up our routine thinking and vanish, leaving an indelible trace after themselves. These ideas either install themselves in a person’s system of values or desert for good. This elusive trace runs throughout the series where artist’s figure serves as a mediator. The term ‘’Artist’’ refers to a mindset, open and flexible. An artist unable to determinate oneself unconsciously tricks both himself and the spectator. In his practice, Anatoly works with personal memories and reflects on events from his personal life adding a small twist of his life experience to them. In his work, artist eliminates all of the vain concepts and only keeps the most important from his experience- working vector, brightest ideas and key memories.

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