Megasoma Mars

20.03.2015 – 05.04.2015


Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Triumph Gallery is pleased to present first solo exhibition The Loved Dead Ones and Their Martyrdom by emerging young artist Megasoma Mars.


Megasoma's ouevre lies on the border of book illustration performed like storyboards and surreal graphics. Her biomorphic works are inhabited with various real and imaginary insects, mice, rats and creatures of unknown origin. She made her first steps in art by fixing her ideas in Moleskine, which has become her permanent companion. Being interested in biology and micro world Megasoma Mars draws inspiration from her childhood spent in the countryside, from the times when she studied biology at university, from her personal entomology collection, and anatomy theatres and exhibits of Hunterian Museum at Royal College of Surgeons and Herb Garret Museum (London).


Her impressive, strikingly detailed drawings are far from naïve pretty illustrations for children books but are invaded with odd, often cruel scenes, reminiscent of horror films and cartoons. The artist has been extending the borders of miniature stepping into bigger graphics, installations and objects.


Her recent works involve mixed media, fabric, eggshell, texture, etc. She addresses tactile structures to overcome the limits of graphics and animate her characters, make them more expressive. Obsessive nature of the artist doesn’t let her hands stand still and this also stems from her childhood, which was devoted to various crafts. She explains: "It is getting pleasure in being exhausted by drawing that drives me. And the loss of my loved ones gave birth to the desire for tactile things." The artist remains faithful to her favorite subject — daily routine of the world beneath our feet.

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