Jung Yeon Min

08.02.2017 – 28.02.2017

The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow

Triumph Gallery together with the State Museum of Oriental Art is proud to present an exhibition of paintings and graphic works by the Korean artist Min Jung Yeon (born 1979). This is Jung Yeon’s second solo exhibition in Moscow, following her debut show at the gallery in 2014.


Many works carry within them the artist’s personal experience. Their plots are based on feelings and worries, experienced in different moments of their life such as a melody from childhood heard in a French movie, a lost opportunity because of a missed train, or the complex emotional state from birth of first child. They all lack any direct quotation, but rather liberate the labyrinth of the mind where many images and events torn by time overlap. According to Ming the Wave picture, painted whilst under the influence of Virginia Woolf’s experimental novel The Waves, “lacks the plot of the wave itself, but has the idea of intensity and elevation appearing during one’s speech. Instead of describing a full moon in the darkness to engender fear, Wolf captures the essence of it through a sound”.


The Memory of Space exhibition at the State Museum of Oriental Art continues the study of memories as spaces that appear on the border between reality and fantasy. In Min’s interpretation events take on fantastical, architectural, or biomorphic shapes, ties, and lines that specify real objects but which are deprived of their initial essence. Even though they all lie beyond the objective world, the incredibly detailed and realistic style of painting gives them features of the real as though it were a parallel world. Going beyond horizon lines that look like a road, soft semitones are like clouds, and precise structures are like buildings silhouettes.


Min works both in the painting and graphic mediums. Over the last few years her practice also began to incorporate installations and objects. Frequently they are extensions of her paintings, developing their concepts in 3 dimensional structures and texture. The exhibition at the State museum of Modern art will include new, never before shown artworks and an installation made specifically for the show. In total around 30 works from the period between 2009–2017 will be exhibited.