Feodor Elizarov

16.11.2019 – 15.12.2019

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Alex Korsi

Triumph Gallery presents an exhibition by Moscow artist Feodor Elizarov featuring canvases painted over the recent years in the French Calanques National Park. Born into a famous dynasty of artists and a graduate of the Surikov Institute, Feodor Elizarov works in the traditional painting genre. The artist uses an analytical approach to imagery and unconventional exposition solutions to reinvent this genre for the modern viewer.


The set of works, inspired by the pristine and mythological beauty of the French Riviera, can be attributed to the traditional landscape genre. Rendered with craftsman’s precision, the path from the artist's studio to the shore is a reference to the paintings of German romantics and the golden age of French painting. Elizarov, however, by replicating the motif of the path in his works, not quite merely admires it but rather reveals the formative mechanics of the visual perception by the artist.


Through recursion he highlights the spatial relationships within the painting, thus going beyond techniques and revealing the technology of painting.


Alex Korsi, the curator: "Respectful craftsmanship, professional repertoire of artistic skills, formal accuracy — can all enable new freedoms of artistic expression. Reintroducing issues of painting into the artistic territory, the artist then can actualize in this space shielded against superficial borrowing by the market. After all, there is nothing more challenging than to copy a good painting — this will mean creating another good painting."