Pavel Rtue

25.01.2019 – 17.02.2019

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Polina Mogilina

Pavel Rtue lives and works in Sevastopol. He got famous due to his multilayered typographic compositions that could be seen in different locations all around the world. Aside from most of the artists of the street wave, Pavel received a special education — he graduated from Crimean Art College. From a personal statement of the artist, the classic education did not give him anything; however, when he drifted from traditional painting, he was able to continue to find inspiration from the works of artists from different eras and countries. 

Works of Rtue could be easily noticed due to the intentionally negligent "collage" manner with incorporated in flatness works in fragments of different compositions or writings. He frequently uses his previous works as a foundation for new ones, and the translucent colors and patterns that are visible through new layers make the composition more volumized and dynamic.  


The exhibition "Sea Inside" in the Triumph Gallery will present paintings of recent years made on banner fabric and canvases. United by the inclusive plot of the artist’s inner psychological life, all works present themselves as divisional, breaking up into color spots compositions. 


Polina Mogilina, curator of the exhibition: "One of the distinctive traits of Pavel’s works is the lack of obvious, easily spottable figures; the whole composition pulverizes into little elements. But in every single one of them, the artist gives something to start from for the spectator to be able to develop their storyline. Every work of Rtue is a space for one’s interpretation. Due to that, Rtue doesn’t name his works, leaving us the opportunity and the right to discover our own story."