Maxim Ksuta

21.10.2016 – 06.11.2016

Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Triumph Gallery presents the new project under the name The Sequences of Conditions, which has been implemented by Maxim Ksuta and includes painting, audiovisual installation, photos, which he made during the last year. Inspired by the Martin Gardner’s research "Penrose Tiles to Trapdoor Ciphers" and Barnett Newman’s essay "The Plasmic Image" Ksuta has set a range of plastic problems and started studying the meaning of serial and consecutive in the field of art.


The experience in working with the layers of paint on picture plane has led the artist to the assumption of consistency as a method. Ksuta creates a series of picturesque Altarpieces. He attracts the attention of the audience to the atmosphere of the painting, that has appeared as a result of the dynamics of the colors and the departure from the figurative, that was mentioned by Newman.

Besides, as with the painting, in the audiovisual installation "Chorus" the artist builds the audio series from the Russian vowels according to the consistency principle — in this case, the series consistency of the music composition, created by Anton Webern and Arnold Schoenberg in the first half of the XX century. Twelve not synchronized monitors play the sounds arbitrarily. The disrupted chain of sounds turns into polyphonic melody with strict structure and logic.


Considering the consistence not only as the philosophical but also as a social and behavioral structure, Ksuta created the "Atlas" — a photographic canvas, depicting the movement of the swifts across the sky. By creating a series of photos during the summer, the author tries to find an answer to the question whether there is any intention in the birds’ movements or not. The result is a kind of a star map, where the stars are birds.


Maxim Ksuta: "The Sequences of Conditions can be developed in different physical directions, releasing the hidden potential of the freedom extents of the work and sinking into your own imprisonment. It is possible to stop the growth process of the infinite work at the appropriate moment, when most of the questions about painting, methods and motivation in my head will be answered.@