CricodilePOWER & Sandor Szasz

01.12.2017 – 14.12.2017

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Marina Bobyleva

Triumph Gallery presents This Game Has No Name, a joint exhibition by CroocodilePOWER (Petr Goloschapov and Oksana Simatova) and Sandor Szasz. The artists depict worlds of manmade technology that are beyond routine perception. These worlds are inhabited by objects and creatures that have lost their essence and identity, changed their shape and internal compass. The viewer is presented with extremely fragile spaces that are looking both into the past and the future, brimming with absurd ideas, actions, and characters.


The metaphorical epitome of such a world, according to CrocodilePOWER, is a forest. A forest as an alternate dimension, where characters find themselves utterly helpless: having no map for the route that they came to enjoy looking for a nice walk and some fun. Immersed into the deepening abyss of unknowns, they face a choice, either to adapt or perish. Change transforms not just their habits, but the characters themselves; at the same time, continuing arrivals of new characters changes the environment too.


The works by Sandor Szasz are visionary predictions that mock numerous forecasts of modern researchers and futurologists. His art is based on the history of a small village near Lake Bezid (Transsylvania), where the residents had to leave their homes because of a dam, which has been build nearby. Disruptive change of the way of life, nature, and people was setting in gradually and inexorably like the water edging closer and closer. For the artist this process is equivalent to imperceptible loss of identity therefore characters of his pictures are deprived of persons and any other distinctive signs: sex, age and social status. The series on display show characters roaming the ruins of an amusement park and eagerly designing various contraptions using the rubble.


This Game Has No Name is an invitation by the authors to join a mysterious forest party. Exclusively for the installation set up on the ground floor, the musician and the DJ Artemiy Anrilov, under an experimental alter ego of Sofist, wrote composition with use of the modular synthesizer collected by it.