Lee Jinju

05.09.2019 – 06.10.2019

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Kristina Romanova

A new series "Tilted" by South Korean artist Lee Jinju was created specifically for her exhibition in Moscow. Lee Jinju is known for her subjective realism works or psycholandscapes that erase tenses and cease to divide the category of time into past, present, and future.

In line with traditional Korean painting techniques, Lee Jinju uses unbleached cotton, powdered pigments, and animal skin glue to create compositions of varying complexity and scale. The features of her artistic style include focus on light, details, and scale: from close view to bird's eye view.

Each work rests on a sophisticated scenario: the artist makes drawings of her memories, pictures of everyday life, imaginary things, takes photos of personal and found objects — be it a twig, pebbles, glass balls, or a pair of compasses — and then sets up a composition. Lee Jinju starts with her personal narrative and gradually fills it with associations that interact with each other. The exhibition is expected to display the artist's «workshop» with her sketches, photographs, and interviews.

Many metaphors and symbols in her works help viewers find their own interpretations, while spacious proportions make us carefully consider every detail and build our own narrative. According to Lee Jinju, "in East Asian aesthetics, drawing every individual hair to capture the spirit within is known as “transmitting the spirit” or jeon-shin-sa-jo (傳神寫照)". For instance, she compares The Paths with East Asian handscrolls when the viewer's point of view moves in a sideways manner of temporality in a horizontally-long large-size work.

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