Group exhibition

14.12.2017 – 18.03.2018

Museum of Moscow, Moscow


Polina Mogilina


Misha Most


Anatoly Akue

Andrey Бергер



Slava Ptrk


Yura Kiryushin

Ivan Nainti

Graffiti and street art, originally, connect to the city closer than any other form of art. Street art is an integral part of the urban culture and that culture drives street art with its vibes. Any account of the culture and art in the city that ignores street artists would be incomplete.

To Go Down in History project, an intervention to celebrate 870 years of Moscow holds a deep symbolism. Displaying works by street artists in city museums is an important step in the institutionalization of street art. A museum exhibition seems to devoid street art of its original context. With that, it sets a fundamentally new objective that allows the artists to unlock other facets of their talent. And this is well justified since modern street art pieces go far beyond conventional graffiti or street art as it emerged in the second half of the last century. Working on an intervention into existing thematic expositions necessitates interaction with exhibits and themes of any given exhibition, as well as with the museum space itself. The resulting artwork uses different techniques and integrates into other exhibitions at the Museum of Moscow. The artists have created the works specifically for the exhibition and, with their individual language, each is telling a story about Moscow.