Lyudmila Baronina

29.03.2019 – 21.04.2019

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Marina Bobyleva

Krasnodar artist Lyudmila Baronina works with various media — from graphics to embroidery, to readymades and installations. Baronina actively examines questions of the transforming space; some of her projects took place on the ruins of old cities and buildings.

"To Paint a Mountain, Take a Stone" — an exhibition featuring new works of Baronina that were inspired by utopias, ideas of a new person, and thoughts of ways of development of modern society in the future. The series of works send the spectator to the scientific illustration, medieval scholastic pictorial rebuses, and various kinds of graphic ciphers, ultimately provoking the viewer to freely interpret the visual world that the artist unfolds before him.

Graphic works and embroideries will constitute two separate cycles that can be designated as space of the real and space of expectation. On the works on fabric, Baronina places her characters in an amusement park which symbolizes cyclicism and instability of the modern social and political life. People on the carousel mutated and turned into monsters,  interfused with mythical creatures and are in the state of feckless gaiety. In the graphic series, artist depicts Atlantis - Soviet stops that went under the water along with passengers in the everlasting anticipation.

Works by Lyudmila Baronina illustrate the environment and situations that are the seamy side of today’s events. In her works that combine various directions and techniques as well as develop into authorial art system, the artist shows a fine line between reality and fiction created with the power of imagination. 


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