Maria Safronova

06.12.2016 – 08.01.2017

MMOMA (Tverskoy blvd, 9), Moscow

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) and Triumph Gallery present Maria Safronova's solo exhibition Total Private, which includes artist’s paintings and installations from three series of made over the past five years. The exhibition takes place as a part of support program  of young art byMMOMA, as well as in the framework of the project Young Lions of Triumph Gallery.


The exhibition Public Private shows a certain social model in which a person fits for their life choices, deprived of an opportunity to exit the programmed system. Each of Maria Safronova's works describes the process of human socialization, self-determination and adaptation to the conditions of modern society, using a different thematic landscape: whether it is a typical school, a psychiatric hospital or an average office.


Each series of paintings is accompanied by a layout of the institution, which became the object of attention of the artist. These are man-made, detailed enclosed spaces, deserted and impersonal. Looking inside the layout of the mental hospital, you can immerse yourself in a network of rooms — specialized rooms (wards, showers, Lounges, dining room), feel inside the maze of tiled floors and walls covered with oil paint.


Made in bright and often cheerful colors, Maria Safronova's paintings do not cause an oppressive sense of doom, do not impose a certain perception on the viewer, but only draw his attention to how everything works. There are no main and secondary characters, all actors are the same in importance, they are all dressed in typical clothes. This is the idea of the artist: to show the "arithmetic mean" between the common for the whole of modern society and the private for each individual.

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