Oksana Mas

17.02.2018 – 11.03.2018

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Sofiya Kovaleva

Triumph gallery and Heritage Gallery present a personal exhibition by world-renown contemporary artist Oksana Mas, featuring works from different series including Mandala Dance, Biomorphic Realism and new project Spiritual Cities that was first exhibited in Museo MA*GA Museum, Italy, in late 2017.


Mas gained international prominence with her project Post-vs-Proto-Renaissance (a prototype to The Nations Altar) that was displayed at the 54th Venice Biennale and new work Quantum Prayer at group exhibition Glasstress 2013 within the parallel program of the 55 Venice Biennale. Mas works with different media from painting and drawing to installations, sculpture and photography. Her work is categorized as neo-expressionism, digital art and relational art.


Processing and transforming vast swathes of human history and culture, Oksana Mas is searching for the single culture code, uncovering its traces in all aspects of human knowledge and activity. This exhibition comprises works from different series created in different periods. Installation Spiritual Cities is based on regularities identified by Mas in architecture and combines features of churches, synagogues, madrasas and mosques from across the world. Fractal compositions of Mandala Dance manifest an expression of the cosmic rhythm and a symbolic projection of the universe. This ritualized framework can be seen throughout all spiritual practices globally. Following the traditions of the great masters of the 20th century, paintings from the Biomorphic Realism series are realistic on the surface, but highly abstract and universal in content.


Kristina Krasnyanskaya: "Transfiguration is a project focused on the major milestones in Mas’s universal exploration of the person and the society, as well as the relations between them. We are all part of this inexorable global process, which is progressing and developing, changing us and establishing the new rules of the modern world. This exhibition gives insights into the vector of this movement as seen by the artist and invites us to contemplate our own place in this global transformation."

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