Parallel program of the VI Moscow Biennale

04.09.2015 – 20.09.2015

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Olga Vostretsova

Kristina Semenova


Suzana Brborović

Ines Brands

Lorenza Díaz

Sebastian Hosu

Sophia Loth & Eric Busch

Anita Mikas

Suzan Noesen

guest artists

Kirill Garshin

Vladimir Potapov

Valentin Tkach

The interdisciplinary exhibition project TRANSMISSION combines the work of graduates and master students of the class of Prof. Ottersbach (Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig) and invited Russian artists. TRANSMISSION — is a dialogue on contemporary painting in the context of the shift in the boundaries of the arts and their hybridization. The focus of the project is an expansion of painting and articulation of its procedural and performative nature. In the exhibition, different formats are shown, such as painting, drawing, sound and video installation, and mural painting. A discursive program accompanies the exhibition; the debate should go forward from the interdisciplinary, cross-cultural perspective with regard to globalization and its impact on the cultures.


Leipzig is called the "Mecca of painter"». The popularity of the New Leipzig School and the large number of galleries, studios and off-spaces in this city attracts young painters from around the world. However, painting in Leipzig is not influenced by the New Leipzig School alone, nor only work in the commercial sphere, but also in political contexts, to stand alongside engaged political art. As part of the TRANSMISSION project, the international artists from Leipzig come into dialogue with invited Russian artists to discuss contemporary painting. For the project, new work has been created with the aim to make visible different facets of one's own artistic approach to the audience. It involves linking painting with philosophy, music and performance.