Evgenia Voronova

20.12.2019 – 20.02.2020

Memorial Museum Kononenkov’s Studio, Moscow


Svetlana Dorogina

Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Triumph gallery and Surikov Art Institute present as part of the Program to Support Young Art an exhibition by Evgeniya Voronova, graduate of the graphics department of Surikov Institute and the Free Workshops School of Contemporary Art. 

When Lobachevsky disproved the parallel postulate, foundation was laid for a new geometry. His experiment demonstrated than a multitude of geometric systems was possible. Each new one would make us rethink the concept of the physical world and enable us to see a space of opportunity.

The geometry of Voronova’s work relates not only to formalistic problems but also to the physics of space itself—charting a new dimension where objects can attain a new interpretation and new meanings.

Paintings, drawings and installations by Evgeniya Voronova are exhibited within the permanent exposition of the Museum Studio of Sergey Konenkov. The location is an intentional choice as in his different artistic periods Konenkov, too, turned to geometric models that informed his drawings and sculptures. This crossing of two parallel explorations of space by the artists produces a dialogue.


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