Alisa Korolyova

03.08.2018 – 30.08.2018

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Polina Mogilina

As a part of Launchpad series, Triumph Gallery presents a new personal project by contemporary artist and illustrator Alisa Korolyova called Uncomics that tells a story of alternative Moscow. Graduated with architecturedegree, Alisa devoted much time to illustration and painting, gradually creating her own recognizable style, inspired by early fasciaon graphics by René Gruau and Antonio Lopez as well as the esthetics of art deco and comics by Frank Miller.

Triumph Gallery will exhibit  two series of her graphic works, that can be perceived as parts of a big graphic novel, in which Moscow is shown as a retrofituristic city, where people move by torpedo-shaped air shuttle and live in skyscrapers. There are 2 main characters in the first story: an artist and a scientist. The text to the first story was written by Volodya Nizovtsev. The characters are separated by time and space, but they both dream of the future, and each of them comes to Neo Moscow. The second story is about a meeting of two people in a big city. A guy finds a girl, who once has lost her drawing of a fictional airship. They take off and fly around the new Moscow. A series is accompanied with a small text written by Roman Sotnichenko especially for this project.

The world of Alisa Korolyova is different from the science fictional predictions as she manages to convey the main idea  without going too deep portraying  certain details or the material world because thehuman with their experience, dreams and frailty is the central part of her works.


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