Anna Rotaenko

26.05.2016 – 19.06.2016

ММОМА (Gogolevsky blvd 10),




Stepan Subbotin

Moscow Museum of Modern Art in collaboration with the Triumph Gallery is happy to present the Underside exhibition of Ann Rotaenko. The first personal project of the author in museum environment is held within the exhibition program Young Lions.


Ann Rotaenko graduated from the School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops at MMOMA and studies at ICA (Institute for Contemporary Art, Moscow, course New Art Strategies). Her works uncover the complex connection of social and individual, hand-made and digital that constitutes the essence of today’s isomorphic world. Underside is the unified installation in three parts involving the elements of advertising (neon and rope) and construction materials (planking, decking). The fabric connecting the exhibition literally is the banner cloth, easy balancing between real and virtual world. The artist combines picked-up, assorted objects, photographs with digitally "interwoven" phantom 3D-models and photo-documentation of real installations made during the process of sauntering within different city neighborhoods.


The Underside exhibition offers a dive into street fabric and acquaintance with its main characters: security guards, policemen, yardmen, artists and so on. The author interacts with urban environment, using temporary materials, and the very form of the exhibition refers to D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) aesthetics. Interaction with the city becomes an experimental and intimate type of exploration which gradually unfolds in three exposition showrooms.


In the first showroom a visitor becomes a gunner within the interactive installation Shooting Range (in collaboration with Aleksey Nadzharov and Gediminas Daugela). You can play with contemporary mythologems like a virtual revolutionary: turn on the eye of Sauron on electrical tower, fire the tires (the symbol of Maidan and today’s revolutions); replace the figures of bums with the orderly men; transform the barbwire into the rainbow, Cossacks — into mermaids. In the second showroom a spectator falls into the underside itself, becomes its part, surrounded with objects that hung between reality and virtual life. Sound installations in the 2nd and 3rd showrooms are created by Sasha Moroz. The final showroom demonstrates the work “Dialogues” based on discussions with Kirill Kto, Stepan Subbotin and Sasha Moroz. These three artists are involved in different fields of exploration: defense of the city as the space for street-art; self-organization and integration of artists in the city; poetry and anthropology. These three dialogues appear as the ritual of "broaching" from solitary exploration of city space, the shift into communication.

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