Group exhibition

29.06.2016 – 31.07.2016


WINZAVOD Contemporary Art Center, Moscow


Kristina Romanova

Sofya Simakova

Nail Farkhatdinov



Megasoma Mars

Maria Agureeva

Antonina Baever

Kirill Basalaev

Ivan Brazhkin

Anna Brandush

Arnold Weber

Sofia Gavrilova

Artem Goloshchapov

Dmitry Gorbunov

Zina Isupova

Alisa Yoffe

Polina Kanis

Pavel Kiselev

Alexey Korsi

Vik Laschenov

Roman Mokrov

Alexander Obrazumov

Nikolay Onischenko

Ivan Petrоkovich

Sasha Pirogova

Uliyana Podkoritova

Anastasia Potemkina

Kristina Romanova

Anna Rotaenko

Maria Sakirko

Igor Samolet

Natalia Timofeeva

Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov

Dmitry Filippov

Elena Tsibizova

Valery Chtak

Ildar Yakubov

WINZAVOD Contemporary Art Center and Department of Research Arts is happy to present an experimental project Unofficial Language. The project brings together the studies of artists’ life in the city with artworks. The exhibition is a part of the parallel program of the 5th Moscow International Biennale For Young Art.


Unofficial Language will show more than 20 young Moscow-based artists with diverse backgrounds and professional experience who work in different media and with various topics. The exhibition is an attempt to construct a broad image of this generation in its relation to artists’ individual experience of living in the urban environment of Moscow.


The first part of the exhibition will consist of the materials and data collected using the methods of social sciences. Each artist outlined his or her everyday routes in Moscow, the image of the city and also marked emotionally various parts on the map of Moscow. The analysis is based upon the methods of mental mapping that give an opportunity to see the city via the eyes of an artist.


Artworks will compose the second part of the exhibition. Artists will choose the artworks, which represent their art in the best way possible and thus there will be no usual curatorial selection. The series of video interviews which will be a part of the exhibition provide a perspective for visitors to understand the main issues that artists are concerned with, their relation towards art, the city and peculiarities of the visual language of their generation.

Organizer: Department of Research Arts
Partners: Triumph Gallery, WINZAVOD Contemporary Art Center

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