Uno Moralez

On the Internet, different pictures, GIFs and comic strips by Uno Moralez are much easier to find than any information about the artist himself, which is out there only in bits and pieces. He is known to be born and raised in Ufa and to have gained prominence under the alias that he had randomly chosen for his LiveJournal account. His first works, pixel art, were published online in the early 2000s and rapidly swept across blogs, forums and social networks. Alongside the popular appeal came recognition in the international comic art community. The first exhibition by Uno Moralez, staged in 2017, placed him high on the New East 100, which features contemporary artists, designers and visionaries from Eastern Europe.

Artwork by Uno Moralez combines a mystical atmosphere with visual and stylistic elements from Perestroika, videogames and Japanese manga of the 1970s–1990s. His grasp of finer details and most particular attention to characters and situations serve to immerse the viewer into parallel dimensions full of unseen fears and phantasies. Uno Moralez propels his narratives by incrementally adding foreign elements to each new panel, thereby disrupting the image of the familiar world, its elements losing their function, the character (and the viewer as well) inevitably facing a creature or a force that cannot be explained rationally. 

personal exhibitions:


Forget What You Remember MAMM, Moscow, Russia



Blue Teeth Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia

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