Dmitry Okruzhnov & Maria Sharova

29.04.2015 – 24.05.2015,


Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Young Lions is a new program of Triumph gallery supporting contemporary art. The project will present the works of young artists who have already taken part in big exhibitions and made themselves familiar to viewers but are still at the start of their artistic careers.


In 2015 the exhibitions will take place at the venues of the Moscow Museum of Modern art and National centre for contemporary arts. For most participants it will be the first opportunity to display their solo exhibitions in a museum.


In the present-day world media images and virtual spaces play such an important role that they have become the part of our consciousness. When they fuse with real-life images, they create specific models, which replace our reality. These models are microcosms, vacuums, more fitting for human existence than our environment. ‘We have been long living in the virtual reality. Things that are not fully real appear more "effective", more "real" to us than reality itself,’ claim the artists.


The exhibition will comprise the works displayed in a vacuum, which is an artistic metaphor for our immersion in the illusionary media world, as well as for the paintings blurring the line between the virtuality and the world around us. Figures and objects are depicted in real-life dimensions, thus engaging the viewer into the imaginary space and becoming the extension of his inner world.


The program will be inaugurated by two exhibitions of Dmitry Okruzhnov and Maria Sharova, which are to open simultaneously at the Moscow Museum of Modern art (at the 10, Gogolevsky boulevard).

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