Victoria Kosheleva & Yulia Iosilzon

29.07.2017 – 13.08.2017

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Sofya Simakova

As a part of the exhibition series Launchpad, Triumph Gallery launches the project of Yulia Iosilzon and Victoria Kosheleva called Visions. Both artists received art education abroad: after graduating Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute, Victoria had an intership at the Parsons School of Design (New York), and Yulia, graduated from The Slade School of Fine Arts (UCL Slade, London) and entered afterwards the Royal College of Art (London).


Victoria Kosheleva and Yulia Iosilzon practice oil painting, despite the fact that a medium painting is not popular among young artists. They turn to the traditions of the Leipzig school and the figurative painting of Neo Rauch and Rosa Loy, as well as to the artists of the so-called London school, such as Ron China, Lucien Freud, Francis Bacon and others.


The artists often transfer the subjects of their memories to their works. For Victoria Kosheleva the memory is a stream of personal memories and feelings that develop into a surreal kaleidoscope on the surface of the picture. Yulia Iosilzon refers to a different aspect of memory, meaning nostalgia, collective memory. The characters of her works resemble to some cartoon characters familiar to everyone since childhood. The Visions exhibition by Iosilzon and Kosheleva immerses the viewer in a familiar and perhaps a little forgotten emotional state, reminiscent of deja vu.


Sofia Simakova, curator of the exhibition says: "Contemporary art seeks to erase geographical and national boundaries; artists increasingly rely on global or private contexts. Julia and Victoria are concerned about the issue of personal geography: they seek to find their place in the outside world, they look deeper into themselves. Their canvases are honestly selfish, they offer the viewer only one point of view, but allow them to enter the world of their thoughts."

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