Anna Rotaenko

10.07.2015 – 02.08.2015

Triumph Gallery, Moscow

Anna Rotaenko (b. 1990 in Grozny) graduated from The School of Contemporary Art Free Workshops at MMOMA and the Moscow Publishing Polygraph College named after Ivan Fedorov. Rotaenko participated in the group exhibitions of Implementation at Ground Khodynka in 2014, and at Military Museum at MMOMA in 2015.

Having borrowed the masking and layers techniques  from the Photoshop program, Anna Rotaenko combines in her works individual phrases, pieces of paintings, sheets of paper, thus creating multidimensional installations-collages. Her works explore a complicated connection between social and personal, hand-made and digital, being the main subjects of the modern isomorphic world. The Waiting Room is a title of the exhibition choosen not accidentially. According to the artist’s  personal mythology, this is a center point  where the past and the future  face each other. The always changing  present is now the new way to make the reality stand still defining this formula: "A drawing is a method of saving memories. A collage is a method of saving polyphonic images by synthetical consciousness".


Anna Rotaenko notes: "The present materials are facade grids, billboards and light boxes that are all empty and filled with advertisements, tapes and scaffoldings. All these temporary constructions storage the media that, in return,  virtualize the city. And being a sort of civil servants, they tell us, what future direction we’ve chosen.They are also backdrops that do not pretend to be something else. These objects’materiality and utility give us a chance to play the interaction game. The objects are half-dead as the city itself causes visible distructions but also the people who live in the city with their actions that manually change, the walls’ view and the messages’ content."

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