Ivan Snigirev

02.12.2016 – 18.12.2016

Triumph Gallery, Moscow

«Triumph» Gallery presents installation War Games by Ivan Snigirev, a young Ural artist. He graduated from the painting and graphic department of Kataysk Pedagogical College (1997) and Pedagogical University of Nizhny Tagil (2002). Snigirev paints with oil and acrylic and doesn't limit himself with canvas only. He uses the given space to create a total installation with paintings as central elements, complemented by wall painting and video sequences. The main theme of his installation is war and its paraphernalia: land-based machinery and aircrafts, ammunition and soldiers — all of it blends into single colorful «kaleidoscope» that swallows spectators.


In the project War Games Ivan Snigirev raises the question about war and personal life understanding in the contemporary society. The characters of his works, soldiers and their victims, military equipment and enginery, that are depicted in markedly, flat style of 32-bits games, fly inside of the neutral white space, without context, which although could be added easily by the architect, video game developer. The characters are repeated and organize a pattern inside of the work, so they look even more faceless and insignificant.


The question of war "virtualization", which is considered in the project, leads us to the thoughts about people war knowledge in the relatively peaceful historical period. The war has disappeared from our daily life and moveв to the news bulletin of the distant, insecure regions of the planet. This news according to its neutral and aloof style courses only glimpse effect on us. And only once in a while the cases of mass violence and massacre come to our life and become national or world tragedy. So how deep is our fear of war and are we ready to start war again, "no particular reasons war"?


Marina Alvitr


"An artist aims at destroying the perception tranquility of the war and its paraphernalia caused by adaptation and tolerance of its horror and normality."


Irina Kudryavtseva