Keito Yamaguchi

23.11.2020 – 18.12.2020

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Artur Knyazev

The monochrome graphical works by Keito in the exposition reflects not only the artist’s inner psychological becoming, but also highlights details in the mundane by giving them a more sensitive and fresh perspective. The space of the exhibition presents the results of evolution in the art and her own radical reality—a way to view the world from the perspective of one's own ideas and beliefs, according to the Spanish philosopher and essayist José Ortega y Gasset.


He believed that the only false perspective is the one that claims to be the only one. According to this sentiment, it is impossible to achieve an objective outlook on reality: the agent who experiences this reality must always be accounted for. This means that any ontological materiality or the staples of daily life can easily become amorphous when subjected to interpretation.


Keito has been living in Russia for almost nine years. All this time she had to face the new cultural code, which was often hostile. The attempts to answer the question of how to construct your own personality at the intersection of different traditions and values, which are often conflicting, require of the artist to reconcile radically different ideas and beliefs. Keito accepted the new value systems initially but returned to traditional and familiar settings. She then got disillusioned in them, too, as she was trying to navigate this cultural contradiction and mismatch.


Her solution came in the form of poetic enumeration of the things that surround her in the day-to-day. The seeming materiality of these objects loses its strength and certainty, grows malleable by artistic will and becomes a less hostile and unknown environment. Keito attached the attributes 

of yorishiro to mundane objects—they are thus made an understandable and living part a harmonious perception of the world.


This rare ability allows Keito to build her own radical reality, satisfy her psychological quests, and clearly outline her identity.