Goran Chanter

17.08.2017 – 31.08.2017

Triumph Gallery, Moscow


Sofya Simakova

The British artist Gore's exhibition on Chanter Here Without Each Other is a reflection on the theme of temporality, control, knowledge and violence.


Colorful and bright collages of Chanter embody the atmosphere of paranoia and hysteria, which plunged the world over the past half century and the very shock of the future, which wrote Professor Toffler. A newly built Chinese radio satellite to track aliens, doomsday clocks, ubiquitous logos of fashion brands, Madonna in blue sleeping bags, Bloodied O. D. Simpson gloves — they all merge into a single motley undivided stream of visual images, representing almost a greater threat to go crazy than the notorious terrorism or global warming.


Goran hunter was born in Cornwall in 1990. He graduated from the Royal College of art in 2014. Lives and works in London.


Goran Chanter: I am addicted to endless flow of visual information, calmness does not come with closed eyes. All I want to see is everything. Shoes, hair, nose, posture. Speed and direction. The burden of sudden interaction. At this moment, there are three displays translating different flows: I research social interactions via television, learn about the past from badly written news and edit my artworks. Intentional use of mirror surfaces lets spectator penetrate into the work. I have made miniatures of billboards that are as sharp as a blade of shaver. They are attacking the viewer with information.


It was always important to me to see the environment the way it is. The best that dirty English people do is singing on the dark streets after pubs got closed, picking a fights and fucking each other to the death. The world around is ripping apart, but nothing is important: selfhood is a universal globe.


The photos of me in the image of dead and lost leader of apocalypse is a reflection about cyclical nature of time and human. Time does not flowing for him in all dimensions, it is closed with the same flat circle. The human becomes a polished all time idol, as every leader does. Fights of barbarians who did not deserve death of warrior. He reigns forever as the "demigod". Human race evolves only when there is a technological or philosophical need. His smoking face looks through you; this is a perfectness of the history, that has already been prejudged. I want to exalt everything: romantics, violence, love and generosity.