Alexey Beliayev-Guintovt

08.11.2017 – 03.12.2017

ММОМА (Petrovka, 25), Moscow



Nadezhda Mindlin

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Triumph Gallery present the exhibition of Alexei Belyaev-Gintovt named X, which will unite the projects created by the artist over the past 10 years.


The title of the exhibition as a designation of a decade of his own way — a period of internal time — refers to the autonomy of the artist in relation to the present — the artist prefers the future, facing the past. A traditional tribute being a sort of  manifestation of avant-garde goes back to the involvement of Gintovt in the movement of "new seriousness" and even earlier to the neoacademism of Timur Novikov. Having inherited from The New Academy aesthetics of classical forms in combination with modern understanding of the material, Gintovt puts statements on political issues into it in the perspective of utopian design, based on the historical context and literary tradition. Gintovt's imagery combines futuristic forecasting, referring to avant-garde projects and the Soviet paper architecture, with parody of state patriotic rhetoric and science fiction in the spirit of retrofuturism. Constructing a view of the state of the future from the past, Gintovt reveals the mood of modernity, as evidenced by the ongoing controversy around the political bias of the artist's works and his neo-Eurasian views.


The selection and usage of materials, typical to Gintovt, shaped in order to determine the diversity of techniques represented in the exhibition— traditional artist's canvas with hand print on gold foil will complement the video installations, lacquer panels, thangkas and sculptures.

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