Group exhibition

29.06.2016 – 31.07.2016


WINZAVOD Contemporary Art Center, Moscow


Antonina Baever


Marina Bobyleva


Antonina Baever

Kira Borisova

Alexey Buldakov

Arnold Veber

Evgeny Granilshchikov

Vitya Eroshenko

Nastya Kuzmina

Mikhail Maksimov

Aleksandr Obrazumov

Andrey Parshikov

Anastasia Potemkina

Kirill Savchenkov

Albert Soldatov

Aleksei Taruts

Triumph Gallery and WINZAVOD Contemporary Art Center present a group project “Young Blood” that reflects upon the cult of young people. Young Blood unites young artists, musicians, curators and promoters to describe the youth and its way of up-to-date life. Curated especially for the 5th Moscow biennale for young art, it will be exhibited in the Arched Hall — the most impressive space of WINZAVOD Centre.


How does a young artist differ from other artists? It is believed that the young artist is more enthusiastic, more active, more adventurous and productive than their elder colleagues. Yet this is not true. So, courage does not have age limits. Sometimes productivity increases over the years, but energy is absent during the entire life. Furthermore, the existence of Moscow biennale for young art (by the way it is the only one in the world) reaffirms the cult of the youth, that lies behind this cult and what is the aim of those who practice this cult?


Smoke-machines, neon light and underground of Large Wine Storage — Russian rave has turned out to be in the field of curators and artists instead of journalists of hipsters magazines for the first time. If ageing is a disease, then youth hypothetically is also the disease. Recent fears and vague hopes of the Soviet past remained in the minds of the previous generation – modern twenty-thirty-year-old people, that are completely deprived of the sentimentality and caution of their parents. Their new reality is an aesthetics of Tumblr community, language of hashtags, public pages, emojis and Telegram. They have got their own individual views on being cool, as well as they have their own understanding about fashion and beauty.


Young Blood includes an exhibition of contemporary art, dj performances by the members of Russian rave scene, lectures and guided tours with artists, curators and ambassadors.

The organizers: WINZAVOD Contemporary Art Center, Triumph Gallery

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