Michail Molochnikov

29.05.2015 – 14.06.2015


Triumph Gallery, Moscow

The graphic artist Mikhail Molochnikov’s life is splitbetween Berlin and Moscow. His works include handmade books, cardboard sculptures, and series of drawings.


In his works the artist starts out from avant-garde ideas, first and foremost Malevich’s theory of art, combining them with Eastern Gnosticism and Tibetan meditation practices. His Zero project is a series of abstract paper sculptures, which represent small foldable screens.


The name of the exhibition symbolises the endlessness, emptiness and origins of all matter. The ultimate reductive nature of the paper sculptures is a testimony to the pure form of contemplation. They date back to Malevich's Architectons and the first exhibition of suprematist art 0.10.


Mikhail Molochnikov comments on his works: "In my creativity I always rely on meditation. It helps me to see the object in its "archaic" form. To see a world of pure forms where space becomes a part of the object and an element of creativity."

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